Shrader & Associates LLP Offers $2K Scholarship, Announces Winner

The future of the world lies largely in the hands of college and university students who strive both for more knowledge and for new opportunities to improve their communities. Shrader & Associates L.L.P. acknowledges the importance of academics and the encouragement of educational careers that lead to gainful employment and entrepreneurial spirits. We hosted a $2,000 scholarship contest to students on the rise and have recently decided upon a winner.

Students interested in the scholarship were required to write an essay – or present a speech recorded on video – that explained how they wanted to use the scholarship money. In particular, our national asbestos and mesothelioma attorneys were interested in how each student intended to eventually benefit their communities, country, and, in some cases of true dreamers, the world. A college or university student that shares our beliefs in community involvement and forging ahead for a better tomorrow is the kind of student we want to see excel.

We did not impose any sort of age restriction on applicants, as many scholarship contests do. We also allowed students already in college to compete, further broadening how many aspiring minds could have a chance at winning $2,000 in scholarship funds.

$2,000 Scholarship Winner

After reviewing amazing entry after amazing entry, our team at Shrader & Associates L.L.P. has come to a decision and chosen a winner. Before we make the announcement, we want to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. We were able to witness the minds and hearts of intelligent, hopeful, and compassionate students throughout the country. More than ever, we have confidence that our future will be in good hands as this up-and-coming generation becomes more prominent, ushers in new innovations, and ultimately takes the reins as world leaders.

Now, at long last, the winner is Lindsey Nicole Stillword. She is currently attending the University of Central Florida as a biomedical sciences student. As a Florida resident born and raised, she hopes to use her degree to gain a thorough understanding of advanced medicines and devise new applications that could save lives. We were completely impressed with her argument, aspirations, and drive to reach and exceed those goals. Congratulations, Lindsey!

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